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Irish Theatre in Transition

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The matter was due for mention again in the High Court this morning and the judge granted a stay of 14 days on the execution of the order. Deputies will appreciate that because these matters are still before the courts it would be inappropriate for me to make any further comment at this time. At this meeting, I advised the GPA that ultimately it is a matter for the governance structures within the GAA, to determine how best the important contribution of its own elite players should be recognised.

Stagg asked the Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism if he will expand on recent criticisms he made of the ongoing attempts by GAA clubs in the Tallaght area to prevent the stadium earmarked as the new home for Shamrock Rovers from being completed as a soccer-only facility; if he will expand on his main objections; and if he will make a statement on the matter. I refer the Deputy to my previous statements to the House in which I have made my position perfectly clear in this matter.

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It is worth, however, reiterating two important points that are central to the stadium at Tallaght. First, in supporting the completion of a soccer stadium at Tallaght, I am honouring a long-standing Government decision made under the sports capital programme. To agree to anything other than a soccer stadium would be to renege on previous commitments given to the FAI. Even when finished to the specifications of a soccer stadium, it will provide capacity for 6, spectators which is the capacity decreed under the planning approval.

Covid-19: Lives Lost

A larger pitch cannot easily be accommodated within the present site given the buildings already in place and would mean that the proposed stand on the opposite side to the partially completed stand would be reduced, thus limiting the overall capacity to about 4, Second, while the stadium is scheduled for completion as a soccer facility, I would have no objections to South Dublin County Council, which will manage the facility, considering its use for other sporting events compatible with it remaining available for senior soccer fixtures.

The disappointment I expressed recently with the local GAA clubs involved revolves around both of these key points. I have already indicated a willingness to favourably consider any application for funding in respect of the proposed GAA sports facility at Rathcoole in south county Dublin. An examination of the possible PPP procurement models is currently being finalised and I will report back to Government on this shortly.

Rabbitte asked the Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism if he has received an application for Government funding for the completion of the construction of the new stadium for Shamrock Rovers Football Club in Tallaght; if, in view of his desire to see the project completed, he will grant funding for the new stadium; and if he will make a statement on the matter. I have previously indicated my willingness to support the South Dublin County Council in putting together a financial package to ensure the completion of the soccer stadium at Tallaght.

Following the recent decision by South Dublin County Council to proceed with the completion of the stadium at Tallaght to the specification originally planned, my Department has been in contact with council officials. It has been agreed that on receipt of a submission from South Dublin County Council outlining the project costs and the required funding, consideration will be given to the provision of funding from my Department to support the completion of the stadium.

I am advised by South Dublin County Council that it is currently focused on work associated with the judicial review proceedings served by a local GAA club which are listed for initial hearing in the High Court on 8 May Gregory asked the Taoiseach if the census should be more correctly described as a census for the Republic of Ireland. Costello asked the Taoiseach the unemployment rate for Dublin City Council by district electoral division for ; and if he will make a statement on the matter. The most recent information on unemployment at electoral division level is from the Census of Population.

The following table contains the relevant data. Lowry asked the Taoiseach the progress of the social partnership talks; the expected timeframe for completing the talks; if the framework of an agreement is emerging and the details thereof; and if he will make a statement on the matter. Negotiations on a successor agreement to Sustaining Progress are being conducted on a strand-based approach and the first strand has been focusing on the issue of employment standards.

It is accepted that it is the congress position that significant progress will be made in this first strand before any substantial engagement takes place around core pay issues. Several meetings have been held in this regard and contacts are ongoing with a view to establishing the scope and possibilities that exist for agreement on the issue. While no date has been set for the conclusion of negotiations, it is hoped that, with goodwill and flexibility on all sides, we will be able to move on soon to address pay and other workplace related issues. A number of plenary and bilateral meetings have also taken place with each of the four pillars — trade union, business-employer, farming and community and voluntary — which have discussed, inter alia , the NESC report on the Developmental Welfare State; the Fitzpatrick Associates review of the special initiatives implemented under Sustaining Progress; the implications of the proposed longer-term framework for social partnership; the macro-economic context for the negotiations; the economic, environmental, infrastructural and social policy priorities within a new agreement; and the wider non-pay issues and priorities, where the social partners have agreed that a longer-term perspective is appropriate for full implementation.

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Following on from the initial round of multilateral engagement, as outlined above, it is intended that draft text in relation to the economic, environmental, infrastructural and social policy priorities will be circulated for comment in the next round of multilateral engagement in the negotiations, which have resumed this week, commencing 24 April, after the Easter recess. Officials of the relevant Departments are participating in the talks.

The positions to be finally agreed in the context of these talks will reflect the Government's policy priorities, since the response to the social partners in the talks is determined by my colleagues and me. The greatest demand for service in Irish comes in the form of written correspondence or telephone queries from the public. These queries are dealt with by referring them to staff who have an appropriate level of proficiency in Irish.

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To support such staff members, and to encourage others to develop their Irish language skills, my Department has provided a range of resources, including in-house Irish language classes. I am satisfied that this system is appropriate to the demand my Department currently experiences and it will be monitored in the light of evolving demand.

Allen asked the Taoiseach the details of his travels abroad for the St. I travelled to the United States on 13 March for St.

From the Late Nineteenth to the Early Twenty-First Century

Patrick's Day, returning on 18 March. My programme included official engagements in San Jose and Washington. I was accompanied by the second secretary general of my Department, the Government press secretary, a special adviser, a private secretary, a personal assistant and security officer. The director and another official of the Northern Ireland and international division of my Department were also part of the delegation in Washington. He accompanied me on the return journey. The cost arising to my Department for the visit has not yet been finalised. Costello asked the Taoiseach the progress he has made in securing the agreement of the British Government to the course of action recommended in the report of the justice committee on the Report of the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings; if the Government is considering initiating proceedings in the European Court of Human Rights seeking appropriate declaratory relief against the UK; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

In line with the recommendations in the final report of the Joint Committee on Justice, Equality, Defence and Women's Rights on Judge Barron's report into the Dublin-Monaghan Bombings of , the MacEntee Commission of Investigation was established to examine certain aspects of the investigation in this jurisdiction of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings in , arising from findings made by Mr.

Justice Barron. It was recommended that the terms of reference should be agreed between the two Governments and should be based on Weston Park proposals. The British Government has indicated that it does not intend to establish such a public tribunal of inquiry. The sub-committee recommended that if there was a lack of co-operation on this matter from the Government or authorities in Great Britain or Northern Ireland, that the Irish Government should consider instituting proceedings in the European Court of Human Rights, ECHR, seeking appropriate declaratory relief against the UK, requiring it to put in place an appropriate investigation.

The Attorney General was in turn able to draw on the expertise of a number of experts in this field of law. The essence of the advice is that there are great difficulties in the Government bringing a successful case against the British Government in the ECHR. I am not in favour, nor is the Attorney General, of bringing a case such as this if we cannot be confident of winning it.

RTÉ documentary about Sheriff Street in the 1960s.

Stagg asked the Taoiseach if the Government has decided to extend the presidential payment for Irish citizens reaching the age of years to those living abroad; the date of the change; and if he will make a statement on the matter.