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Where the church is involved in social care it should be in the vanguard.

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That is different to a situation in which the church proclaims that it is in the vanguard Addressing on 5 October a congregation that included Supreme Court and High Court judges, at the formal opening of the law term, Martin warned that ongoing prosperity could not on its own bring the harmony which society requires. Urging the congregation to work to strengthen the fabric of society and make it more caring, he said self-indulgence could lead to corruption, total disregard for the rights of others, a breakdown of community and violence.

Violence, he added, was "a continual threat to the harmony of society" in Ireland, was "profoundly anti-democratic" and attempted to "limit the effectiveness of community through a climate of fear". Speaking of "those whose mission it is to advance legislation which promotes harmony and equality and those whose mission it is to apply such laws and administer justice", he said: "Yours is a task of the spirit: to ensure that true communication in the fullest sense between people is not inhibited by the raw power of the self-interest of the few".

The report, which took three years to complete, said the archdiocese had an "obsessive concern with secrecy and the avoidance of scandal" and had "little or no concern for the welfare of the abused child". As Archbishop of Dublin and as Diarmuid Martin I offer to each and every survivor, my apology, my sorrow and my shame for what happened to them. I am aware however that no words of apology will ever be sufficient".

Martin said on 1 December that he was writing to Bishop of Limerick Donal Murray , a former auxiliary bishop of the Dublin diocese who was strongly criticised in the report but who, while saying he regretted his actions, did not immediately resign from his Limerick post, and to all other auxiliary bishops who served in Dublin and who were named in the report. He pointed out that those bishops named in the report, but no longer serving in the Dublin archdiocese, could not tailor their responses to people in their current dioceses.

Some survivors of child abuse and their representatives reacted negatively to the Holy See's statement.

No one has taken responsibility for what went on in Dublin. There is no accountability". In his Christmas sermon, Martin said the church for too long placed its self-interest above the rights of its parishioners, particularly innocent children. He said they, as well as the dedicated majority of priests, had been betrayed by their leaders. Martin came in for criticism among other high ranking clergy for calling for the resignations of bishops mentioned in the Murphy report. In the Connaught Tribune , Father Tony Flannery was critical of how Martin communicated with his own auxiliary bishops: "These bishops are not recalcitrant teenagers; they are intelligent and mature men, so it was pathetic of Diarmuid Martin to use the media to communicate with them".

Drennan had said: "I don't know if Martin intended it or not but it has put a question mark over my integrity, yes. Now that I've responded to him and given him the evidence he needs he might want to reflect on that and see what response he should make to it. He added: "To suggest our approach failed to take cognisance of the safety of children is inaccurate and unjust.

The acceptance by media and current diocese policy that a cover-up took place must be challenged". He circulated his own correspondence with Martin to the Council of Priests. In a letter to Martin on 30 December, Bishop O'Mahony wrote that he had been shocked at the tone of a previous letter he had received from Martin, which had addressed the Murphy report.

It was sent three days after a meeting of the diocesan council that discussed the Murphy report. A meeting of priests heard demands that Martin be confronted over his handling of the fallout from the Murphy report and claims that the archbishop had become "a source of division" among priests and bishops. Martin said the pope acknowledged the suffering and betrayal experienced by survivors of clerical abuse.

In response to a journalist's question following publicity given to Cardinal Brady's role in canonical investigations in concerning paedophile priest Brendan Smyth , Martin commented: "I never tell people to resign. I never said people should stay. I ask for accountability. Resigning is a personal decision a person has to make on their own. People should be accountable, and render account of what they've done.

Resignations are personal decisions.

In the same interview Martin was asked if he had been recently silenced by the church. He replied: "No, I haven't been asked to stop talking. I gave four major interviews in the last four weeks to Irish and international television. I have to maintain also my own independence of thought.

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This visitation was prompted by the publication of the Murphy and Ryan reports. While in Rome, the metropolitans met a team of investigators appointed by Pope Benedict to examine the four provinces and "some other as yet unspecified dioceses". Archbishop Martin on 20 February said that the Church has a long way to journey in honesty before it merits forgiveness for the abuse of children. Archbishop Martin then made what victims said was the most explicit apology to date for the role of the Church hierarchy in enabling the abuse.

I think of how you were not heard or not believed and not comforted and supported. I can ask myself how did this happen in the Church of Jesus Christ where as we heard in the Gospel children are presented to us as signs of the kingdom. How did we not see you in your suffering and abandonment? I can bump into someone on the street and say "Sorry". It can be meaningful or just an empty formula. When I say sorry I am in charge. When I ask forgiveness however I am no longer in charge, I am in the hands of the others.

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Only you can forgive me; only God can forgive me. I, as Archbishop of Dublin and as Diarmuid Martin, stand here in this silence and I ask forgiveness of God and I ask for the first steps of forgiveness from all of the survivors of abuse. In May Archbishop Martin emphasised he was not criticising Pope Benedict, but was encouraging a sense of urgency on the part of the Pope's "collaborators" in the Roman Curia. Speaking in Dublin he said the pace of change in Irish religious culture was such that "the longer the delay in advancing the fruits of the apostolic visitation , the greater the danger of false expectations, and the greater the encouragement to those who prefer immobilism to reform, and the greater the threat to the effectiveness of this immense gift of the Holy Father to the Irish Church".

He was "impatient to learn about the path that the apostolic visitation will set out for renewal for the Irish Church so that our renewal will move forward decisively. At the same time, I am also becoming increasingly impatient at the slowness in the process, which began over a year ago. This is not a criticism of the Holy Father. It is an appeal to his collaborators. In March , Martin welcomed an announcement by Minister for Education Batt O'Keeffe that his department "will shortly be providing an initial list of about 10 urban areas that can be used to test the concept of reducing the number of Catholic schools".

Martin also said that solutions would have to be found to respect the rights of teachers "who do not wish to be involved in religious education". He welcomed the fact that "the Minister has indicated that there will be consultations with parents, teachers and local communities".

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On 13 July the report in the sexual abuse in the diocese of Cloyne was published. Archbishop Martin said on reading his report that his "first emotion that came to me was anger". Senior church figures who were not prepared to be honest would only be "discovered" through an "invasive" audit of child protection practices in their dioceses, he said. He said the Vatican , in responding to the findings of last week's report on child abuse cases in the Cloyne diocese , should reiterate its support for the Irish church in applying existing "norms", or rules, on child protection.

The Vatican should also support the reporting of cases to the State authorities and the carrying out of audits to show exactly where the situation was in relation to child protection. He acknowledged that people could feel deceived by the church. He said the norms set down by the present pope in had been ignored in the Cloyne diocese. All the other Irish bishops had put these norms into practice, "as far as I know", he added. Martin said six elderly priests were verbally abused at a colleague's funeral this week when someone challenged them, claiming they "should be ashamed of themselves".

A gradual introduction of the missal began at Masses in Ireland from 11 September. The new translation came into full use throughout Ireland and the English-speaking Catholic world on the first Sunday of Advent, 27 November In a letter to the priests of the Dublin diocese the August before, Martin said that since the prior Roman Missal was introduced in , "many additional texts have been made available for use. Also, "some theological vocabulary had been lost in the edition" and the new missal "addresses some of these weaknesses". Changes to the wording of the Confiteor, the Gloria and the Creed are included in the new Roman Missal.

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Martin gave a speech at the Synod [47] and said later that the bishops' Synod on the Family must show that church teaching can develop so it can respond to the difficulties faced by ordinary Catholics. Archbishop Martin said this Synod on the family had been very "different" but it would be misleading to suggest that it will lead to immediate change in relation to "celebrity" issues such as homosexuality and communion for the divorced, explaining: "There can be a development of doctrine in the sense that we can understand the same doctrine in a different way, but a change whereby, overnight, you say that what was wrong is now right, that is just not on the cards.

However, he said the Pope has so far "given no indication as to where he stands on anything" for the reason that this is a three-year-long process that will be concluded only when the Pope himself issues his post-Synodal apostolic exhortation, after the second leg of this Family Synod in October On 2 December Archbishop Martin offered to house some of the city's homeless people in church property, after a homeless man was found dead metres away from Leinster House, one of the parliament buildings.

The body of year-old Jonathan Corrie was found by a passer-by in a doorway in November Archbishop Martin said one of his diocesan buildings could be made suitable before Christmas to provide shelter for between 30 and 40 homeless people in the inner city.

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Archbishop Martin has said that comments by Raymond Cardinal Burke on Islam's supposed desire to "govern the world" are unhelpful at a time when Europe reels in the aftermath of a spate of terror attacks. The archbishop decried the murder of French priest, Fr. Jacques Hamel , in Normandy as "something that no religion would stand over," adding that the atrocity in the small parish church of Saint Etienne du Rouvray has been "horrifying to everyone" and that people have been "absolutely stunned by the brutality" of it.

Speaking from Poland where he was attending World Youth Day, Martin stressed that education is the basis for real tolerance as well as knowledge and respect for other religions.

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While Burke, in an interview on his new book, said that Islam seeks to govern the world and that the only way to save Western civilization is to return it to its Christian roots, Martin countered: "I don't think that helps at all. There may be some people of the Islamic faith who do, but Islam itself has another side within it -- a caring and a tolerant side. On 6 January , Martin called for caution in constructing anti- abortion protests outside of abortion clinics.